Welcome to Monarchy London. Disruptively beautiful leather accessories.

For the stylish who rules his own world. Confident. A free spirit.

The name says it all. These exclusive pieces embody style, character and class. But seen through the lens of London. With its creative daring. The clash of old and new.

Charismatic bags. But not for the faint-hearted. Anarchy is embedded in our identity. We design for the nonconformist, the stylish with his own vision of elegance.

Trailblazing shapes and construction. Sumptuous leather. Tailored by hand in our ateliers.

Ready for transporting ?


Fasten your seat belts for the descent. London, where it all began.

Energy in the air. Creativity energy. City of contrasts. Historic and ultra-modern.

Buckingham Palace at its centre. The British monarch’s London residence. Regal, imposing. But so is the Shard. A sliver of glass ninety stories high.

The music of London. Rap. Hip-hop. Punk rock. Classic Proms in summer at the Albert Hall. Trending, a radical mix of the two. “Anarchy in the UK”?

London is a melting pot. Hot. Sweet. Savoury. Cool.
Especially in fashion. Street confronts Savile Row. Tailoring that leads the world.

May we show you the cutting edge?


Welcome into our studio.

The design of our first collection. Epitomising the London style. Elegant. Witty. A touch eccentric. Underscored by our logo. Bold as the tread of a luxury car. But a three-dimensional work of art.

Monarchy London. Deeply embossed in the leather. Tactile and unique with its embedded A for Anarchy. How could subversion be so beautiful?

The answer: research and development. Conducted for our purpose. Drawing on materials science and paper technology.

Black, of course. Blackest black. Timeless black. Elegant black. Night black. Punk black. Sometimes a trace of red. To outline a silhouette. Or frame the precious embossing.

Generous shapes. But with shocks to their London elegance. An assymetrical line. An off-centre construction. Or fur where you least expect it.
For luxury. Comfort. The thrill. In one noble material.

Are you with us ?


We are at the heart of the matter. Leather. Only leather for Monarchy London. Noble. Ancestral. Real. No exterior canvas. No plastic.

Our bags are conceived to honour leather’s natural luxury.
Full-grain leather. The highest grade. And the toughest and most durable. Together with charm and character. Chosen by our in-house expert. And entrusted only to our master artisans. Our atelier’s handpicked team.

Because leather is our passion. We experiment constantly. Questioning a successful model. Unpicking a perfect seam. Investigating a new surface treatment.

Shall we introduce you ?


We have saved the best for now. The master artisans.

The royalty of Monarchy London. Guardians of handcraftsmanship. Protectors of precious skills, of precise gestures and actions.

One is an incomparable tailor. Every stitch taut and perfectly aligned. Another brings a fine sense of judgement to marking out the embossing pattern. And applying exactly the pressure required to emboss as deeply as possible without tearing the leather.

Yet another is unsurpassed at refining the hide. Just enough to make it supple and give it the required body and finish.

Another again is skilled in making perfect choices and cuts in a full hide. And selecting the ideal grain for achieving matt leather.

And then there is our expert in prototyping large formats. He is also responsible for optimising construction, based on the designs from our creative team.

And our specialist in small formats, who works in cooperation with our creative director.

As you can see, they are no ordinary team.

Need further proof ?


Seize the day. You’re always on the go.

Just grab your bag, the right one. The one that makes everything else work. Sports gear or formal.

It’s that gorgeous leather. Mat black. Luxurious embossing. Elegant but with something darker. That A in a circle. The mark of an outstanding person. Monarchy London. You know us now.

Charismatic travel and business bags. Strong architectual shapes. Tailored as perfectly as a Savile Row suit. Handles that are pure indulgence.Large hold-alls to conquer the world. Smaller versions for long weekends. Models that store vertically in overhead luggage compartments.

But you’ll need the back pack too. Not just for its cool. Its your shield out there in the jungle. Your freedom too.

Red stitching or a red trim to make the mat black even blacker. And look out for our new sports model. An insert of scarlet and metallic silver right through the middle.

What are you waiting for ?